All on 4s

All on 4s

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What are All-On-4s?

All-on-4s involve four implant placements that are designed to keep a plate of dentures securely in place. These four implants per jaw are inserted and placed in the same day, providing you with a quick and easy alternative to other surgical options. If you've had issues in the past with your dentures slipping and falling out, all-on-4s can change your life and the way that your smile looks. Dr. Kramer is committed to providing you with implants that securely keep your denture plates in place.

Why might you need All-On-4s?

You may need or even want all-on-4s because your denture is always slipping out of place. The purpose behind this procedure is to create a secure method to keep those plates in place. The denture is customized to snap onto these implants and can be left in as long as you like. The denture fits more comfortably and will not fall or slip around.

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I cannot recommend Dr. Kramer and her team at West Cobb Periodontics enough! From the friendly professionalism of the front office and her assistants, to the procedure itself - Dr. Kramer was able to walk me through all of my options and help me with a quick, pain-free wisdom tooth extraction without any complications.

Greg Collins

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What makes you a good candidate for All-On-4s?

The great thing about all-on-4s is that they're more suitable for patients who have slight bone loss. This makes them a great choice for patients with advanced periodontal disease that has begun to affect the jaw bone. It is important that you do not have an auto immune disease or illness that would otherwise prevent your body from healing correctly. This implant option is essential for patients who are tired of adhesives and gels that don't always keep their dentures in place.

What is the procedure like for All-On-4s?

Before the procedure can be done, you'll need to come in for a consultation and exam. Dr. Kramer will take x-rays and images to check for signs of bone loss. You will then come in for the actual procedure. Four implants are placed on the top jaw and an additional four implants on the bottom jaw. Sutures may be used to close incisions to promote quicker and more even healing. Once the implants have fully healed into place, you'll have a new implant-supported denture made for you. You'll come into the office to have the denture adjusted and can enjoy your new, secure smile.

If you're interested in all-on-4s, call our office today so that one of our helpful office staff members can schedule an appointment to be seen.

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